About the place

Casa na Ferraria is a unique place, about half an hour drive south of Lisbon, where the air is filled with the smell of eucalyptus trees. Strolls through pine and eucalyptus trees and cork oaks will make you forget that you are just kilometres away from Lisbon. The owner, a passionate architect, has renovated the typically Portuguese farm buildings but always conserving their very beautiful structures and architectural proportions. In enhancing the essence of the property he has created a place of renewal, expertise and sharing through thematic breaks.

Casa na Ferraria01.jpg

Casa na Ferraria is designed to accommodate the participants of our events all year long and in all seasons. It is cool in the Summer and very comfortable in the Winter due to its floor heating system. The materials used are natural, mostly environmental-friendly clay and reclaimed wood.

Each spacious bedroom has a bathroom with an ample shower and a terrace where you can rest. The house is also fitted with a Clearlight infrared sauna with untreated wood. The shower fitted alongside the sauna allows you to cool off and then return to the sauna. There is also an outdoor jacuzzi where you can dip into cold water between sessions.

The common spaces are spacious, bright and comfortable. It is easy to find a place to read, rest or spend time with other participants.