6-11 October 2019

2-7 February 2020

22-27 MARCH 2020


Regenerating Retreat

In this 5 day program, nutrient-packed hypotoxic meals, yoga classes, therapeutic massages, psycho-energy care, personalised health coaching, and meditation sessions will help you to escape from the polluted environments that we are subjected to all year long. During the week your body and your mind will gradually regain the desired balance: your energy soon returns, your complexion clears, the body fine tunes, inflammation reduces, your appetite for natural food increases, your body remineralises.
Through personalised coaching, cooking classes, and workshops you will return home with practical information that will help you to prolong this experience and turn it into a life habit.


What to expect from your stay

General well-being, a loss of volume, increased energy, the desire to continue.

We serve organic, natural, in season and vegan food, cooked at low temperature and raw in order to conserve most of the nutrients. We also insist on the importance of good hydration.

On one day of your stay, broths, green juices, and herbal teas will be served at different times of the day, helping to rest your digestive system.

Our beautiful retreat place, Casa na Ferraria, is also fitted with a Clearlight infrared sauna with untreated wood.  We recommend a session every day to enhance a thorough detoxification. The shower fitted alongside the sauna allows you to cool off and then return to the sauna. There is also an outdoor jacuzzi where you can dip into cold water between sessions.



Price includes:

  • The instructions for adapting your diet before the cure

  • A customised nutritional assessment

  • All meals and drinks

  • Cooking workshops and conferences

  • The sessions of yoga, pranayama, meditation and Tao Healing

  • Room cleaning

  • Sheets and bath towels.

  • Guided outings in the middle of nature and on unspoilt beaches.

Price does not include:
massages, energy care and consultations, personal expenses.The airport shuttle both ways,  The estimated price with Uber is 35€ each way.

Personal Treatments:
Massage 70€
Psycho-energy care 70€
Beauty care 70€
Aftercare follow-up (21 day program + 2 consultations) 200€


Cancellation policy:
In the event of cancellation up to 60 days before the cure, there is a full refund.
In the event of cancellation between 60 days and 30 days before the cure, the balance is reimbursed but not the deposit. In the event of cancellation within 30 days before the cure no reimbursement will be made unless a replacement is found by the client.

VAT @ 23% will be added to all invoices requested.


The aim of the cures is not to give you a medical opinion and can under no circumstances substitute medical advice given by your doctor. Before taking the decision to enrol, if you suffer from a serious illness or require medical follow-up, it is important to ask for your doctor’s advice.
We recommend you to have medical insurance in order before travelling.


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